Neptune's Field

"Neptune's Field", one of the best Swedish music works of this centuryCamilla Lundberg, Opus


A number of perfomances has been filmed and published on YouTube. Here you'll find a selection. Origin/Glades from Ohio State University, Transformation of Memory från Münich, On a Single Subject from Reykjavik and so on.


Many works are released on cd and are published digitally on Spotify and iTunes. Several other recodings are published on SoundCloud. Here are both playlists from Spotify and tracks from SoundCloud.

The Works

Skisser till Transformation of Memory

A complete list of works organized according to type of ensembles. Every work is presented with information of required instruments and duration. You'll also find information of commissions, first performances, selection of other performances, recodings as well as program notes.


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Henrik Strindberg's music has been described as "organic minimalism". Henrik began as a multi instrumentalist in the progressive rock band Ragnarök. He studied compostion during the eighties. Ever since his debut Within Trees he has composed a number of notable works. Henrik is a member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Music and is teaching composition at the Gotland School of Music Composition.