Transformation of Memory

Die Klangflächen sind subtil bewegt, verfärben sich, sind mit Impulsen durchwirkt. Ein intensives Erlebnis Süddeutche Zeitung 20/11, 2012

One Child, One Teacher, One Pen and One Book

A music full of rhythmically shaking energies then generates the mobilizing final chapter, where a lone string meets a dialogue movement that eventually draws all the other parts together.  - - -perhaps Henrik Strindberg's most beautiful moment as composer. Martin Nyström, Dagen Nyheter

Chosen (Utvald)

a tensely mysterious work for soprano and orchestra that merges the acoustic and the electronic in an obstrusive and magically evocative manner International Record Review

O Freunde, let others speak

The whole orchestra sound shakes - - - a power that alarms, raising rising signals from shrill trumpets that seem to want to bring everything in their way Martin Nyström, Dagens Nyheter


jeu d’esprit Peter G. Davis, New York Magazine

Within Trees (I träd)

the clarity of its aural imagination, its remarkable freshness of style, texture and invention Christopher Ballantine, International Record Review March 2005

Hope (Hopp)

over-powering in might, other times poetic, sensual – but in a haste and a velocity that almost leaves you breathless Christopher Ballantine, International Record Review March 2005

Timeline (Tidslinje)

the luminous minimalist-inspired composition Alexzandra Ivanoff, Sunday's Zaman (Istanbul)