Cheap Thrills

Of all the works on the program, I most purely enjoyed Strindberg's ‘Cheap Thrills’ Richard Scheinin, Mercury News, San Francisco 2007
Cheap Thrills
San Francisco Contemporary Music Players, dir. David Milnes
Program Note

2nd Improvisation on an Idea by Bennie Maupin

The title has some allusions to musicians, composers, composing methods and attitudes.

Cheap Thrills was composed almost like an improvisation on a little melodic event: three notes from Bennie Maupins wonderful album "The Jewel in theLotus" (ECM 1974).

3rd Composers Biennale in Copenhagen, the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, Göteborg Art Sounds, San Francisco–different ensembles every time. Cheap Thrills was commissioned by Samtida Musik and premiered by KammarensembleN 1993. Cheap Thrills is released on Henrik Strindberg's portrait CD Within Trees. 

Scored for alto flute, bass clarinet, piano, percussion and computer running Max. The Max patch has been updated several times and there is also a version for Pd.

Sonanza i Köpenhamn
Sonanza, dir. Jan Risberg performs Cheap Thrills i Copenhagen 1996
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2nd Improvisation on an Idea by Bennie Maupin
a-fl. b-cl, perc, pf + computer
Samtida Musik
First Performance
KammarensembleN, cond. B Tommy Andersson, Stockholm 1993
Other Performances
  • 3rd Composers Biennale in Copenhagen 1996 by Sonanza
  • The Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in 1997 by KammarensembleNT
  • the G.A.S Festival 2001 by Göteborgs Kammarsolister.
  • Performed by DIEM in Århus and Aalborg, Denmark 2004
  • San Francisco 2007 by the San Francisco Contemporary Music Players.
  • Atlanta 2008 by the Sonic Generator.
  • Canberra 2013 by the Griffyn Ensemble
  • Stockholm 2018-03-16 by Stockholm Saxophone Quartet

Software in MaxMSP or Pd for MaxOS X or Windows.