Transformation of Memory

Die Klangflächen sind subtil bewegt, verfärben sich, sind mit Impulsen durchwirkt. Ein intensives Erlebnis Süddeutche Zeitung 20/11, 2012
Program Note

"I was stopped in the street…" From reading and listening to interviews with jews who were rescued by Raoul Wallenberg I decided that I wanted their memories to be told again through this work. Beside my interview with Alice Breuer there are quotations from interviews with Tibor Gonda and Gabriel Harstein (The International Raoul Wallenberg Foundation).

I have an inner image of an older violinist telling a child a memory. The two solo violins are a symbol for this.

I want to thank Alice Breuer for sharing her memories, Karl Gabor for sharing his collection of pictures from Budapest 1944 and Lizzie Oved Scheja for the inspiring collaboration on this work. Commissioned by Lizzie Oved Scheja - Association for Jewish Culture in Sweden with support from Music Development and Heritage Sweden. For the Memory of Raoul Wallenberg Henrik Strindberg

Alice Breuer på gatan i Budapest 1944
Alice Breuer, Budapest 1944
Strings and Media
In Memory of Raoul Wallenberg
Lizzie Oved Scheja - Föreningen för judisk kultur i Sverige
Lizzie Oved Scheja, Alice Breuer, Karl Gabor, Csaba Deák and the Music Development and Heritage Sweden
First Performance
Orchester Jakobplatz München , cond. Daniel Grossmann, Stockholm Oct 28, 2012
Other Performances
  • München 2012-11-17, Orchester Jakobplatz München, dir. Daniel Grossmann
  • Los Angeles 2013-04-07
  • Chisinau. Moldavien 2013-06-09, dir. Igor Ersac.
  • Chisinau, Moldavien, Odessa Ukrane, 2014, dir. Igor Ersac.
  • Musica Vitae, 2016-08-27, Växjö, Sweden.

Projections and prerecorded audio