Ragnarök 2012
Ragnarök 2012, Peter Bryngelsson, Staffan Strindberg, Mikael Svanevik, Henrik Strindberg and Peder Nabo
Program Note

Ragnarök started to play 1972. The first album was released 1976 (Silence Rec,) and was very well received by the press. This records is now regarded as one of the classics from the Swedish Progressive Music Movement from that decade. It has been rereleased in South Korea (1995), Sweden (1996), Japan (2011), and on vinyl in Sweden (2019).

Promenader was composed for this record. It was the first composition I did without an instrument at hand. The music came to me during my walks. 

I left Ragnarök 1976/77 och the group continued in several different constellations. The original members started to play together again in 2003 to meet the demands from fans. Ragnarök does 2-5 yearly ever since and has released two records, Path and Live in Japan.  

Promenader has grown to include extensive improvisations. 


Omslag till Ragnaröks första skiva
Cover by Annika Liepa for the first album 1976
Ragnarök återuppstår 2003
Ragnarök reunites 2003, photo Bertil Herzberg
Dagarnas skum, Peter Bryngelsson
Dagarnas skum by Peter Bryngelsson
promenader_tab.pdf (65.08 KB)
2 elc. guit, Fender Rhodes piano, el. bass, drums
First Performance
By Ragnarök 1975